Frequently Asked Questions

What is your luggage allowance?

A passenger can take one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg into the cabin. The maximum dimensions of hand luggage: length - 45 cm, width - 35 cm, height - 20 cm. All responsibility for hand luggage, which the passenger took with him into the cabin, lies with the passenger himself. A passenger can carry one piece of hold luggage free of charge weighing up to 30 kg. Maximum luggage dimensions: length - 70 cm, width - 30 cm, height - 55 cm. An additional piece of luggage can be paid to the bus driver at a rate of €10.

The ticket was bought online, is it necessary to print the ticket?

No. To board the bus, it is enough to save electronic ticket on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and present it to bus driver.

I missed the bus. Can I return or change my ticket?

No. Changes to the ticket are possible at least 12 hours before the bus departure. If less than 12 hours are left before the bus departure, tickets will not be accepted for return and refund.

The ticket was bought on your site, but I want to return it. How to do it?

Read our ticket return policy.

Can I bring my pet on the bus?

Transportation of animals on our buses is allowed only for dogs and cats weighing up to 6 kg in a carrier. There can be up to two animals in one carrier. In this case, it is necessary to purchase a second ticket of the "Adult" category with the name of the passenger carrying the animal (seats must be nearby).