Regular bus services Tallinn — Pskov — Tallinn

Baltic Shuttle is resuming regular bus services from Tallinn (Estonia) to Pskov in Russia from April 7, 2023.

The weekly trip of the Baltic Shuttle bus from Tallinn to Pskov operates on Fridays. The weekly trip of our bus from Pskov to Tallinn operates on Saturdays.

Coach travel to Pskov and Tallinn is carried out on comfortable Volvo buses equipped with a toilet, Wi-Fi and charging sockets.

Baltic Shuttle allows pets on all of its bus trips.

Schedule of bus 350 Tallinn — Tartu — Pskov

Bus stop Tallinn — Pskov
Bus 350 on Fridays
Tallinn (bus station) 16:50
Tartu (bus station) 19:25
Värska Sanatoorium 20:40
Pechory (bus station) 22:05
Pskov (bus station) 22:55

Schedule of bus 350 Pskov — Tartu — Tallinn

Bus stop Pskov — Tallinn
Bus 350 on Saturdays
Pskov (bus station) 10:35
Pechory (bus station) 11:26
Värska Sanatoorium 12:50
Tartu (bus station) 14:10
Tallinn (bus station) 16:35

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