Customs rules & regulations when entering Russia from Estonia

Sanctions on the export of goods from the European Union to Russia

The following goods are prohibited for import to Russia from EU countries:

  • Luxury goods worth more than €300 per item
  • Consumer electronics worth more than €750 per item
  • Audio and video equipment worth over €1000 per item
  • Musical instruments valued at more than €1,500 per item
  • Motorbikes and parts of motorbikes valued over €5000
  • Motor vehicles valued over €50,000

Please note: from 1 April 2024, the duty-free limit for importing goods into Russia by land has been reduced to €500 and the weight to 25 kg. If the limit is exceeded, a duty of 30% of the value of the goods must be paid, but not less than €4 per 1 kg (if the value of the goods is less than €500 and the weight is more than 25 kg).

Bringing cash into Russia

Bringing cash into Russia is allowed in any amount. The amount of cash over the equivalent of 10000 USD must be declared. Bank accounts and bank cards do not need to be declared and the amount of cash on them is not checked.

Import of cash euro banknotes to the Russian Federation is prohibited from 19.09.2022, except for personal use by individuals. The Estonian Customs Board clarifies that the amount necessary to pay for accommodation, food, travelling or shopping on the way to the destination is allowed for personal use. There is no official threshold for the amount for personal use; it depends on the characteristics of each individual case and the final decision on the amount allowed for transportation remains with customs officers, based on explanations about the purpose of using cash banknotes. Unused euros that you have previously imported from Russia cannot be considered as personal use.

In addition to euros, the ban applies to the import of cash banknotes of all currencies of EU member states and does not apply to other currencies, such as US dollars.

Excess cash can be exchanged at exchange points near the checkpoints in Narva for roubles or US dollars. Addresses of exchange offices in Narva near border checkpoint: Malmi St. 2 (open 24 hours), Malmi St. 6 (9:00 — 18:00), Tuleviku 6A (8:00 — 17:00, Sunday till 15:00), Pushkina St. 13.

Import of alcohol

Import of alcohol up to three litres is allowed. The duty for more than three litres is €10 for each litre over the limit. Alcohol over 5 litres is prohibited.

Import of tobacco products

Up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco or 250 g of e-cigarette liquid or 200 sticks may be imported without declaration. It is possible to bring in various combinations with a total weight not exceeding 250 g.

Import of products

Import of products weighing up to 5kg in a package is allowed without declaration. It is prohibited to import products of animal origin without factory packaging or in opened packaging, as well as seeds and potatoes.

On the Tallinn-Pskov route, the import of goods of animal origin (meat and dairy products) into Russia is prohibited due to the lack of veterinary control at the Russian checkpoint "Kunichina Gora". All such products are confiscated, and the passenger is imposed a fine.

Import of medicines

Import of medicines for personal use that do not contain narcotic or psychotropic substances is allowed without declaration. Import of prescription medicines requires a prescription or a doctor's note on the prescription of the medicine, indicating the amount of the medicine to be taken. Preparations containing psychotropic, narcotic and potent substances must be declared duty-free.

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