Daily bus service from Tallinn to St Petersburg

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Bus service from Tallinn to St Petersburg in cooperation with "SKSauto"

Baltic Shuttle & SKSauto operate daily coach service on the route from Tallinn (Estonia) to Saint Petersburg (Russia). Our buses depart from Tallinn Bus Station, Lastekodu 46, 10113 Tallinn. Departures of bus from Tallinn to St Petersburg daily at 00:40, 06:50, 09:45 and 15:00. The journey time is about seven and a half hours, the duration of the trip depends on the time of border and customs procedures.

Due to the temporary closure of traffic through the Ivangorod border crossing point (Russia) during its reconstruction, from February 1, 2024, bus routes from Tallinn to St Petersburg are carried out on two buses with a pedestrian crossing of the border. As part of a single joint bus service on the Tallinn — St Petersburg line between Tallinn and Narva, travel is carried out on "Baltic Shuttle" buses, then cross the border on foot to Ivangorod, and between Ivangorod and St Petersburg on buses of the Russian bus carrier "SKSauto". The ticket price includes full travel to your final destination.

"Baltic Shuttle" buses take passengers to "Peetri Plats" Square in Narva. Passengers leave the bus with their luggage, walk to the border control point, walk 8-9 minutes along a covered walkway across the bridge, follow to the Russian border and customs control point, then 5 minutes from the border control point to the bus parking lot. The SKSauto bus is waiting for passengers at bus stop 1 (see the scheme). In case of bad road conditions, the SKSauto bus waits at bus stop 2 opposite the Magnit store on Kingiseppskoye Shosse (passengers will be warned about this). There are signs to the control and boarding areas.

map of the Narva-Ivangorod border crossing

Buses wait for passengers to board after crossing the border on foot for two hours (or longer in case of long queues at border control and most passengers do not show up for the bus boarding, the driver acts according to the situation). By agreement, bus carriers pick up each other's passengers (subject to availability of seats) if they are late for boarding due to queues, problems with documents or luggage. Drivers or dispatchers contact delayed passengers using the telephone number given when purchasing a ticket. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a valid mobile phone number, keep the phone switched on and answer calls.

We recommend that in case of a delay at the border of about two hours, call the dispatcher of Baltic Shuttle +372 5656 3056 and report the location and approximate time of crossing the border, as well as receive information about waiting or transferring to another bus.

We offer you a comfortable coach journey to Russia from Estonia with cheap tickets for our bus service. If your trip to Russia requires transfer to Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg, it's a convenient way to get to the airport from bus stop near "Moskovskaya" metro station. The final stop is Saint Petersburg bus station, Obvodniy channel embankment, 36.

Timetable of bus Tallinn — St Petersburg (summer 2024)

Bus Stop Departure daily from May 24
Bus 960
Departure daily
Bus 960
Departure daily
Bus 960
Departure daily
Bus 960
Maardu 23:50 06:10 09:10 14:25
Tallinn (bus station) 00:40 06:50 09:45 15:00
Tallinn (Mustakivi) 06:58 09:59 15:08
Toila 17:05
Sillamäe 09:05
Narva (Peetri Plats) 07:00 09:25 12:15 17:55
St Petersburg
(bus station) *
10:50 13:30 16:00 21:30

* Bus arrival times are indicated without taking into account a possible increase in border crossing time due to the need to go through border controls on foot. Consider the possibility of service delays when planning transfers to other transport.

Departure and arrival times at all stops are local. The standard time (from October till April) difference between Estonia and St Petersburg is one hour. From April till October during the period of daylight saving time ("summer time") there is no time difference.

Timetable of return trip from St Petersburg to Tallinn

About regular bus from Tallinn to St Petersburg

Buses depart from Tallinn bus station (Tallinna Bussijaam, Lastekodu 46).
Buses arrive at the St Petersburg bus station (Obvodny Canal embankment, 36).
In St Petersburg the bus has a stop at the Moskovskaya metro station, convenient for transferring to Pulkovo Airport.

The night bus departing at 00:40 stops at Tallinn Airport at 01:00. Bus stop Lennujaam near northern side of passenger terminal.

Ride our modern coaches and enjoy onboard facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Drinking water (0.5 litre bottle)
  • Sockets for charging your gadgets
  • WC
  • Comfortable seats

You can bring your pet onboard in a carrier (up to 2 pets in a carrier), just purchase adult tickets for adjacent seat.

Please, check rules for entry to Russia.

Transfer from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn Bus Station

The Tallinn bus station is served from Tallinn airport by bus line №2, from stop Lennujaam to stop Bussijaam (direction Mõigu — Balti jaam).

You can also take a taxi from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn Bus Station, official taxi services at the airport are Forus Takso and Tallink Takso.

Buy a bus ticket Tallinn — St Petersburg

Bus tickets to St Petersburg from Tallinn can be purchased online on our website.

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The fare includes the following luggage items: one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg and measuring up to 45 × 35 × 20 cm, one piece of checked luggage weighing up to 30 kg and measuring up to 180 cm in the sum of three dimensions (length + width + height), not more than 90 cm on any side. An additional piece of luggage can be purchased together with your ticket on our website or to the bus driver at a rate of €10.

The passenger receives a ticket by e-mail, which he indicates upon purchase, and can also download the ticket upon purchase or in his personal account. The ticket must be presented to the driver in electronic or printed form. Boarding is possible using the travel document specified when purchasing the ticket.

Tickets for Baltic Shuttle buses can be also purchased at the ticket office at the Tallinn bus station (office hours: Mon–Fri 07:30–20:00; Sat 08:00–20:00; Sun 09:00–20:00).

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