Regular bus service from Tallinn to St. Petersburg

Baltic Shuttle operates daily coach service on the route from Tallinn (Estonia) to Saint-Petersburg (Russia). Our buses depart from Tallinn Bus Station, Lastekodu 46, 10113 Tallinn.

We offer you a comfortable coach journey to Russia from Estonia with cheap tickets for our bus service. If your trip to Russia requires transfer to Pulkovo airport in Saint-Petersburg, it's a convenient way to get to the airport from bus stop near "Moskovskaya" metro station. The final stop is Saint-Petersburg bus station, Obvodniy channel embankment, 36.

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Timetable of bus 960 from Tallinn to St. Petersburg

Bus Stop Maardu — Tallinn — Saint-Petersburg
Departure daily
(except Sunday)
Departure daily
(except Saturday)
Departure daily
Maardu 06:20 14:25 21:10
Tallinn (bus station) 06:50 15:00 21:45
Tallinn (Mustakivi) 06:58 21:53
Toila 17:05
Sillamäe 09:05
Narva-Jõesuu 17:45
Narva (bus station) 09:25 17:55 00:25
Saint-Petersburg 13:30 22:30 05:30

Departure and arrival times at all stops are local.

Timetable of return trip from St. Petersburg to Tallinn

NB: Due to lengthy border and customs checks, the bus may arrive with a delay. Provide more time for transfers!

Please, check rules for entry to Russia.

Ride our modern coaches and enjoy onboard facilities:

  • Free Wi-Fi Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Sockets for charging your gadgets
  • Clean WC
  • Comfortable seats

Book bus tickets from Tallinn to St. Petersburg online, keep it on any device (or print it) and present tickets to our bus driver.

You are allowed to take one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg into the bus (dimensions up to 45 × 35 × 20 cm). You can bring one piece of checked luggage per passenger free of charge weighing up to 30 kg (dimensions up to 70 × 30 × 55 cm). An additional piece of luggage can be paid to the bus driver at a rate of €10.

You can bring your pet onboard in a carrier (up to 2 pets in a carrier), just purchase adult tickets for adjacent seat.

How to cancel your trip and return tickets.

Transfer from Tallinn airport to Tallinn bus station

The Tallinn bus station is served from Tallinn airport by bus line № 2 and by tram line № 4, stop Bussijaam.

bus from Tallinn to Saint-Petersburg