How to buy and exchange bus tickets online

General information about buying tickets on the Baltic Shuttle website

Ticket purchase in the Baltic Shuttle Tickets Online ➚ system (hereinafter referred to as the System) is available both without registration and with registration in the System.

Each time a ticket is purchased, the passenger is informed and sent an order number and a PIN code for order management to the Email.

Tickets purchased without registration can be later added to the passenger's account in the System.

Exchange of tickets is possible only if they are added to your account in the System, i.e. with registration in the System.

Ticket refund is possible without registration, by order number and PIN code.

Registration also allows you to accumulate trips to receive a discount. Previously made trips can also be added to your account after registration.

If you purchase tickets after registering and logging into the System, the purchased tickets will be added to your account automatically.

Ticket purchase

Ticket purchasing system ➚ for Baltic Shuttle bus trips

Buying tickets without registering in the System

  1. On the route search screen, select your point of departure and destination of interest. Select a departure date and, if necessary, a return date if you wish to purchase round trip tickets at once. Perform a route search for the given dates.
  2. Select a suitable trip for each destination from the search results. If your search is not successful, please check on our website on which days of the week the trip(s) is/are available, and change the dates. Once you have found the appropriate trips, proceed to purchasing tickets.
  3. On the purchase screen fill in all required fields. Write your name as it appears on your official document. Make sure that you enter your Email address - you will receive a PIN code to manage your booking and the tickets.
    Seats on the bus are selected automatically, but you can also choose seats yourself.
  4. On the next screen you can pay for extra luggage and bicycles. The ticket price includes one hand baggage item and one piece of luggage. To pay for extra baggage, choose the appropriate options.
  5. Check that the information you entered is correct and proceed to the payment page. Payment must be made within 30 minutes, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
  6. Payment will be made through SEB Pank payment gateway. Payment can be made from Visa and Mastercard bankcards as well as Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian bank accounts. Enter the payment details of the payment method that suits you, if necessary, confirm the payment via your bank's security protocols. After completing the payment in the payment system, you must return to the ticket registration form using the link on the payment system page, otherwise the purchase will not be completed and the tickets will be cancelled.
  7. If payment is successful, you will be shown your order number, a PIN code to manage your order, and the option to save the tickets as a PDF file. Your order information and tickets will also be sent to your Email address. We recommend that you save the tickets on your electronic media right away.
    If payment is unsuccessful, you will be taken back to the Payment option page, where you can make a new attempt to pay.
  8. Once your payment has been made, you can visit the order page to view ticket details, download your tickets as files and cancel your tickets. You can only exchange tickets in your personal account after registering and adding the tickets to your account.

Buying tickets after registration in the System

After registration and logging in to the System via email address and password, ticket purchase differs only in that your profile data will be filled in automatically, and you will not need to add the purchased tickets to your account.

Account registration in the System

Registering ➚ for a ticket is not obligatory, but it allows you to fill in your personal details once and not have to enter them every time you purchase a ticket, to exchange tickets and to accumulate trips for the seventh trip free of charge.

When registering, your account is created, linked to your e-mail address as a login.

To register, please give your name, surname, Email and password (minimum 6 characters long).

To confirm Email address, you will receive an Email with a link to the confirmation page. It takes two hours to confirm Email.

If you haven't received the Email, check your Spam folder in your Email service - maybe the Email was placed in Spam. You can also re-register.

Login to manage your tickets

Ticket management allows you to view your orders (ticket purchases), download tickets, make refunds and exchanges.

Login by order number and PIN code ➚
You can log in using the PIN code, which is generated for each order. The order number and PIN is displayed after the purchase and is sent to your Email. Once logged in using the PIN, purchased tickets can be viewed and downloaded, as well as tickets can be returned.

Login by Email and Password ➚
If you have registered and created an account, you can login to the System by entering your Email and password. After logging into the System you will be able to exchange tickets, collect rides for free rides, and buy tickets more conveniently and quickly.

Password recovery (resetting) ➚
If you have forgotten your password, use password recovery function. Enter your Email address and, in the letter you will receive, click on the link to reset your password.

Ticket exchange

Exchange option is available only for registered and authorized users in the System.

Tickets may be exchanged up to 24 hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

If you have purchased tickets in the Baltic Shuttle System without pre-registration, you must first register. After registration and logging into the System with Email and password, add the previously purchased tickets to your account, for which you need to know the order number and its PIN (sent to Email upon purchase). Enter the order number and PIN to search for previously purchased tickets. Once the found tickets are displayed, confirm their addition.

The tickets will be exchanged for refunds and the refund amount will be credited to your personal account balance. This balance can be used to purchase new tickets.

Go to the ticket exchange page, select the tickets you wish to exchange and confirm this action. The "My exchanges" tab in your account shows a balance (amount of money) equal to the value of the refunded tickets. Log in to your account (with Email and password), select the new trip you want to rebook and when choosing a payment method use the remaining balance in your account to buy the new tickets. If the value of the new tickets exceeds the balance, you will be required to pay the difference.

Ticket refund

Information on the return of tickets and funds is available on a separate page.