Current information about bus route Tallinn — St Petersburg — Tallinn

Update: about joint bus trips of Baltic Shuttle and SKSauto buses on the route Tallinn — St. Petersburg — Tallinn from February 1, 2024.

Information regarding the future closure of the Ivangorod automobile checkpoint (Russia) from February 1, 2024 for the duration of its reconstruction and the operation of bus routes between Estonia and Russia.

Until February 1, 2024, services operate as usual, three daily trips in each direction, schedule and all information are available on our website.

From February 1, 2024, after the Russian checkpoint “Ivangorod” is closed to traffic, bus trips will be carried out with a pedestrian crossing of the border with a transfer to a bus of a Russian bus carrier. Travel on both buses will be carried out on a single ticket (the ticket price includes full travel to your final destination). Passengers will disembark with their luggage from one bus, go through border and customs control independently, and transfer to their seats on another bus. More details.

Entry into Russia from Estonia is allowed for citizens of all countries except citizens of Ukraine. Citizens of 55 countries, including most EU countries, can enter with an e-visa (as well as with standard visas of any type).

We will inform you additionally about any changes, stay tuned.

Ticket sales on this route are open, and the "Seventh trip free" promotion is in effect.

In turn, according to our information, the closure of the Koidula checkpoint planned by the Estonian authorities will not happen. Through the Koidula checkpoint, Baltic Shuttle provides regular bus services on the Tallinn — Pskov route.

Will the Estonian-Russian border be completely closed?

Baltic Shuttle cannot know whether the border between Estonia and Russia will be closed, but there is an official position of the authorities of the Republic of Estonia on what determines the need to close the border — it will be closed if there is a large flow of illegal migrants from the Russian Federation. If previously people without the right to enter the European Union were not allowed through Russian checkpoints, now, as in the case of Finland, Russian border guards allowed large groups of third-country citizens who did not have any documents or permits for entry to the EU border. Similar incidents have already occurred on the border with Estonia in Narva, but so far the number of illegal migrants allowed through has not exceeded two to three dozen. The issue of closing Estonian border checkpoints will be considered if the number of illegal migrants reaches hundreds of people. If a decision is made to close the border, it will not be closed immediately, but time will be given for citizens to return to their countries. In this case, Baltic Shuttle will refund the cost of tickets for canceled trips. At the moment, the situation on the Russian-Estonian border is normal.

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