Shared bus service of Baltic Shuttle and SKSauto on the route Tallinn — St Petersburg

Due to the temporary closure of traffic through the Ivangorod border crossing point (in Russia) during its reconstruction, from February 1, 2024, bus routes Tallinn — St. Petersburg — Tallinn is carried out on two buses with a pedestrian crossing of the border. As part of a single joint service on the Tallinn — St. Petersburg line between Tallinn and Narva, travel is carried out on Baltic Shuttle buses, and between St. Petersburg and Ivangorod — on buses of the Russian bus carrier "SKSauto". The ticket price includes full travel to your final destination.

"SKSauto" provides transportation on buses produced in 2023, equipped with climate control, a water cooler, a toilet, Wi-Fi, and connectors for charging mobile devices.

Crossing the border between the checkpoint in Narva and the checkpoint in Ivangorod is carried out on foot. The main bus parking area in Ivangorod is indicated on the scheme (bus stop 1). In case of bad road conditions, deboarding and boarding of SKSauto buses is carried out at bus stop 2 opposite the "Магнит" store on Kingiseppskoye Shosse (passengers will be warned about this). Approximate border crossing time: 8-9 minutes passage between the Estonian and Russian checkpoints along a covered bridge crossing and 5 minutes from the checkpoint to the bus stop.

map of the Narva-Ivangorod border crossing

Buses wait for passengers to board after crossing the border on foot for two hours (or longer in case of long queues at border control and most passengers do not show up for the bus boarding, the driver acts according to the situation). By agreement, bus carriers pick up each other's passengers (subject to availability of seats) if they are late for boarding due to queues, problems with documents or luggage. Drivers or dispatchers contact delayed passengers using the telephone number given when purchasing a ticket. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a valid mobile phone number, keep the phone switched on and answer calls.

We recommend that in case of a delay at the border of about two hours, call the dispatcher of Baltic Shuttle +372 5656 3056 and report the location and approximate time of crossing the border, as well as receive information about waiting or transferring to another bus.

From 1 May 2024, the "Narva — Ivangorod" border crossing point is open daily from 7 to 23 hours.

SKSauto buses

SKSauto buses