New night bus service Tallinn — St Petersburg — Tallinn

From 24 May 2024, Baltic Shuttle will add new daily bus services on the Tallinn — St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg — Tallinn bus routes.

The buses will depart from Tallinn bus station at 00:40 and arrive at the opening of the border crossing in Narva according to the following schedule.

The bus stops at Tallinn Airport at 01:00 (1 am), bus stop Lennujaam near terminal.

The bus arrives at the cafe at the petrol station in Narva at 4 a.m., where it stops for half an hour. Then the bus takes passengers to Peetri Plats Square near the Narva border crossing point and stays there until 6 a.m.

"Narva-1" border checkpoint opens at 7 a.m.

After passing the border, passengers transfer to the "SKSauto" bus and travel to St. Petersburg with an estimated arrival time of 10:50. The actual arrival time depends on the situation with delays at the border.

The night bus from Tallinn to St. Petersburg is especially convenient for transit passengers arriving in Tallinn in the evening to transfer to a bus to St. Petersburg.

From St. Petersburg bus station "SKSauto" buses to Tallinn depart at 5:45.

Detailed schedule and online tickets are available on our website. Ticket sales are open until the end of September 2024.

Baltic Shuttle coach Tallinn — St. Petersburg